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Perspex solutions and polycarbonate suppliers in Gloucester

At Haden-Browne Plastics, our bespoke perspex solutions are suitable for home use, as well as for businesses of all types. Perspex® cast acrylic is also available in a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes – both in stock or as bespoke variants. We offer Perspex® acrylic that is suitable for home and commercial uses of all types.

Why choose us for your perspex solutions?

  • Our perspex sheets are UV stabilized
  • They are of a superior grade
  • You can have them cut to any size or template you want
  • They're very durable

Why purchase your polycarbonate sheets from us?

Polycarbonate is tough. It's used in riot shields, helmets, and safety windows, and is as clear as glass. It can be fabricated and formed, making it ideal for applications such as barrel vault roofing, roof lights, and glazing. Clear, translucent or opaque polycarbonate sheets are also ideal for safety glazing applications. With almost 50 years in the business, Haden-Browne Plastics is one of the most trusted plastic suppliers for polycarbonate supplies in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas, serving both domestic and commercial clients.

For tailor-made perspex solutions and polycarbonate supplies call Haden-Browne Plastics on

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